This is the site you are currently on. It uses AJAX to load pages, which is why it loads new pages so fast. To make that be a seamless experience, I used the Javascript History API to keep the URLs consistent, and added a little loading indicator when you click that goes away when it's finished loading. My custom PHP framework made the server-side components of the AJAX page loading 100% automatic.


I created this website with the help of Theresa Hanson for our wedding!

The stars in the background are automatically generated with an HTML5 canvas. If you look really closely, the small stars twinkle. I think it's a great subtle effect.

The foreground images were created by Theresa. They are highly optimized SVG images, so they scale up infinitely while maintaining a miniscule file size.


This is our website for Web Elements, LLC. Web Elements is Theresa Hanson's and my web dev company that we created just in case an opportunity presents itself where we wish we would have one.

We both love doing web dev stuff, and we're very good, so it's really only a matter of time.